Our Premium Large Studio 2 is a professional podcasting, Youtube, Vlog performance studio. Available with up to 3 cameras with live switching, titles/logos, embedded media and graphics all able to be added live along with programmable theatre lights, green screen and all equipment necessary to make professional quality TV audio/visual content.

The Premium Studio 2 is available to be booked at 3 Basic levels.
Audio Podcast Only
Single Fixed Camera Vlog
Multiple Switching Cameras Vlog

All bookings for our Premium Studio 2 include one of our professional engineers to setup, record and manage all requirements for your production.

Optional Extra Levels of Production available include Embedded Themes, Graphics, Media, Titles and Logos that can be added live if desired.
Post Production Editing Services are also available if required.

All Optional Extras and Post Production requirements are able to be determined and costed once booking is made.

If you are booking the studio with less than 3 days notice, please directly contact Derek on 0411728364 to confirm the booking so we can ensure all the necessary preparation is in place for your production.

Please enter the name you want to be on the invoice when using our booking system.

All Bookings are based on a 2 Hour Minimum Hire