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We’re Back 
The New Studio is Open for Business.
Please Call Derek (0411728364) or jump on social media for bookings. 
Due to covid safety we are taking manual bookings for now under strict, safe conditions. 

We will still be hosting online recordings using Zoom, Squadcast, Facetime, Vmix Call and phones. 

Our goal is to help every creator achieve the best possible quality for their content. 

See our booking scheduler  for rates and availability.

Simply book the recording and we will send you a zoom link (or link to whatever app suits best).

Our producer will be there with you all the way. 


We are pleased to announce the introduction of our Saturday Zoom Classes. We are keeping it very low priced @ $55 for a two hour session, and aim to provide an easy and relaxed way to help you get the best possible content from your home or office. 

...... No-one Does It Better