“Our Melbourne podcast studio will get your podcast up and running with great sound, great vibe and great fun. We live for this stuff”

– Derek Myers – producer.


       Located in Collingwood, the heart of Melbourne’s central arts district, Castaway Studios provides a doorway the world of podcasting for the full range of podcaster – Beginner in need of a basic training, through to the media professional in need of a comfortable, relaxed central location to host their show.

Things we provide:

    • An accessible, well equipped professional podcast, vodcast, vlog and youtube channel studio. We aim to provide for a range of broadcasters from those ready to get out of the bedroom and get pro to professionals that can benefit from our flexibility and space.
    • Access for underprivileged youth and underfunded local state schools to the podcasting experience.
    • Education and training for the use of studio equipment and editing software.
    •  home base for in-school podcasting production workshops.

Our Melbourne podcast studio is always at the forefront of the latest tech and podcasting equipment.