CASTAWAY STUDIOS covid-19 update

In good news, we have setup a remote production service, allowing us to host a video conference and record participants audio into separate quality tracks, ready for editing. This is going well and will be a valued service that will continue long after covid-19 is over. We also have several Kits that we can post out to contributors to enable professional results from remote hosts and guests.

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We have also been busy here at the studios, building the new room specifically designed for streaming podcasts, video production and small audience scenarios.

I’ll post a pic below of the progress. As soon as the lockdown restrictions are lifted, studio 2 will be available for recording and streaming. The great news is that it will be possible to record multiple contributors within this room while STILL staying 1.5 m apart.


This new studio will use state of the art PTZ camera technology to provide awesome, unobtrusive footage for podcasting, streaming and Vlogging.

With so many people in the world stuck in lockdown, craving information and entertainment, we believe podcasting provides welcome relief and a low bandwidth entertainment and Castaway Studios will do everything possible to help get your content up and published.


Derek xx




“Our Melbourne podcast studio will get your podcast up and running with great sound, great vibe and great fun. We live for this stuff”

– Derek Myers – producer.



       Located in Collingwood, the heart of Melbourne’s central arts district, Castaway Studios provides a doorway the world of podcasting for the full range of podcaster – Beginner in need of a basic training, through to the media professional in need of a comfortable, relaxed central location to host their show.

Things we provide:

    • An accessible, well equipped professional podcast, vodcast, vlog and youtube channel studio. We aim to provide for a range of broadcasters from those ready to get out of the bedroom and get pro to professionals that can benefit from our flexibility and space.
    • Access for underprivileged youth and underfunded local state schools to the podcasting experience.
    • Education and training for the use of studio equipment and editing software.
    •  home base for in-school podcasting production workshops.

Our Melbourne podcast studio is always at the forefront of the latest tech and podcasting equipment.